Tenant Experience

One-stop solution for tenant at their fingertip

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Community Group & Events

Connect residents to bond and drive an engaging and memorable experience

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Direct & Group Messaging

Help to promote interaction among residents and management

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Enable residents to meet their needs 24x7 via mobile app and workflow automation

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Reviews, Referrals & Survey

Help to build a positive reputation, stand-out from the competition and attract more tenants

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Rewards, Offers & Marketplace

Motivate the residents’ involvement in community building

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Credit Building

Help tenants to build  their credit score by reporting the rent to all bureaus

Experience as a Service

Human service offered by domain experts with insights

Welcoming & Onboarding

Makes new tenants feel special and cared for along with promoting the completion of onboarding formalities on-time

Community Building

Drives active participation & engagement which requires focused attention that we can offer

Reputation Management

Key to attracting more tours and increasing conversion by helping to differentiate & stand-out

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Management Experience

Ease of use and automation to drive productivity

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Messaging & Communication

Enable seamless interaction with tenants, leads and colleagues 24x7 via mobile app

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Inspection Workflow

Connect residents and drive an engaging experience

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Intuitive Interface

For your (any) PMS, which enables management team to work effectively

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Community Group & Events

Enables virtual collaboration among the management & tenants

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Rent Process & Report

Caters to all forms of payments and eliminates all manual tasks, additionally reports to all the credit bureaus

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Request Workflow

Enables real-time updates and notifications to all stakeholders

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Join you community and connect with your neighbors

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