Financial Resilience

Tackle empowers residents and property managers to build a better financial future.

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Increase On-time Rent payment

Encourage your residents to pay rent on time by providing them with the ability to increase their score.

Increase NOI

Increase your property’s performance and improve cash flows.

2 out of 3 residents prefer properties with rent-reporting facilities (TU Study).

Support ESG Initiatives &
Promote Financial Inclusion

Empower your community by promoting financial wellness and make a positive social impact.

Increase financial literacy to improve the financial health of your residents.

Easy use & Implement

Easy to use, simple to setup: We know how hard new software can be on your site team. We built Tackle specifically with property managers in mind.

Full Support: Tackle directly handles all support for your residents.

Rent Reporting

Get credit for your monthly rent payments with positive Rent Payment Reporting.

2 out of 3 residents prefer properties with rent-reporting facilities (TU Study).

Track your Credit score

  • Score tracker: Effortlessly track & monitor changes in your credit profile.
  • Credit Reporter: Get real-time access to your complete credit report.
  • Enhanced Credit Report Monitoring: Protect yourself by tracking changes & updates in real-time.

Financial literacy & Planning

  • Credit Compass: Receive tailored credit building advice specific to you.
  • Credit Score Simulator: Build your own simulations to better understand your progress.
  • Financial Wellness Score: Track your financial health and set goals to improve.

Protection & Safety

  • $1MM Identity Theft & Restoration Insurance Lost Wallet Assist: Get immediate help when the unthinkable happens.
  • Identity Monitoring & Protection: Track and get alerts to suspicious activity, new accounts, and changes to your credit profile.
  • Credit Lock: Protect your personal information against fraud or identity theft. Prevent unauthorized users from opening fraudulent accounts and taking loans in your name.

What clients say about us

Sunnyvale is a diverse group of people that are looking for the American Dream. They arrive here and get the help from family and friends. They soon discover that if there is no verification of prior housing , it becomes difficult to rent. Seems a little unfair since it’s the biggest payment they have. With Godomo, this answers two questions: You are in good standing with your rent and it helps you build a credit score. Once you start building your credit, you now become eligible for other things, like, a credit/debit card or purchasing a car. The "dream" then is endless and GoDomo has facilitated that for us.
Gwen Aponte
Gwen Aponte
Senior Property Manager @ Marymount Gateway Iris Apartments
GoDomo's feature to report rent payments to credit bureaus is quite appealing. I have a few tenants that had to go out of their way to set this up with another reporting party. If our management team can offer this, tenants will not need to seek other parties for this service. For my student or post-grad tenants, this opportunity would help to build credit without opening a credit card. It could also be really beneficial to those who pay rent before the 1st of the month. I would feel resourceful to my tenants to be able to offer this feature to them.
Melissa Tavera
Melissa Tavera
Property Manager @ Bellomy Apartments
Redwood City is a melting pot of all kinds of people from all over the world. Godomo is a good way to get set up and build your credit in the U.S if you are from a different country. We are setting our residents in the right direction to achieve good credit so they can achieve the American dream. It also benefits our company by encouraging our residents to pay on time!
Cristina Raquion
Cristina Raquion
Property Manager @ Marymount Manor, Tower, Dumbarton & Vera  Apartments

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